Perhaps the most important role in our sector is that set of actions that will keep our mouths healthy without intervening in the healing of the teeth, carrying out a series of treatments that promote the intact preservation of our pieces.

It is about keeping our mouth clean and in those patients who have predisposition to caries or periodontal diseases have them controlled come to be treatments such as:


    • Fissure seal: We will cover the anatomy of the chewing surface of the newly erupted teeth of children who have predisposition to caries with a material that promotes the remineralization of the enamel.


    • Fluoritzacions: Performing a few minutes treatment with a fluoride gel that promotes the remineralization of the surface of all the teeth. Normally with a semi-annual frequency.


    • Hygienes ( Prophylaxes): Mouth cleaning is the best way to keep our oral cavity free of dirt, as well as being an ideal time to diagnose small tooth cavities that may go unnoticed at first.


    • Periodontal maintenances: Gum controls are special treatments, deeper and more comprehensive than dental hygiene, which means that patients do not have to perform more aggressive and expensive treatments such as curettes. For this it is important to comply with the frequency established by the doctor in each case.


    • Maitenance of veeners and/or composite reconstructions: They are free revisions made by the esthetic specialist of the state of aesthetic treatments made with composite, such as veneers or aesthetic reconstructions. In this evaluation all those that are dyed or in an unsatisfactory state are polished so that they always remain in a good condition and look like the first day.