Extractions of molars of the complex trial, extractions of root rests, surgeries of brakes, periapical surgeries, cystectomies, are some of the options that the surgery offers to treat the problems of the buccal cavity.


With Oral Surgery we are able to solve certain problems of the oral cavity such as:

  • Extraction of teeth or dental remains included that need a more strategic approac,
  • Osseous fenestrations to bring to the arched teeth situated in the palate forming part of the planning of a dental treatment,
  • Frenectomies ( cut inserts of labial brakes),
  • Extraction of odontogenic cysts or tumors,
  • Removal of dental implants,
  • Surgery preprotèsica ( elimination of small osseous protuberances that would disable the good assentament of a prosthesis removible), etc.


The list of indications where oral surgery may be involved is long, but in general they are performed in a simple manner with local anesthesia.