The role of hygiene or oral cleaning

The oral cleaning is today one of the most important treatments in our sector to keep the oral cavity in good condition.

Thanks to it, we detect early caries that in a first revision are not diagnosed because they are covered by calculus, called colloquially “tartar”.

Currently in our society we fall in the “commercial hook” of the free cleanings that some clinics promote for the uptake of patients. We must not confuse the value of this treatment, which is undoubtedly one of the main components for a healthy mouth free of bacteria that can be very harmful when promoting tooth decay or periodontal diseases.

Who does and how cleaning is done at Lázaro clinic?

In our clinic we have a specialized team of dental hygienists who carry out the treatment, reserving in advance an entire hour to carry out the indicated treatment exhaustively.

These treatments can be oral hygiene or maintenance of gums, according to the previous diagnosis of the doctor who has derived them.

Can’t stand the pain of a dental cleaning?

In some cases patients require a previous local anesthesia to make these treatments more bearable, for this we always have the presence of a doctor who will anesthetize the patient and who will later check the patient once the cleaning is completed to confirm possible caries or treatments. deteriorated that the hygienist has been able to detect.