At Lázaro clinic we work with the latest technology in the design and manufacture of all types of rehabilitations both for Fixed Prosthesis (supported by teeth or for implants) and for Removable Prosthesis, commonly called by patients as “remove and put dentures” , that replace the teeth that are missing in the mouth with devices that adapt to the teeth with hooks and that the patient must extract for cleaning.


Have you seen covers on other people and do not seem natural to them?

Do not get carried away by the impression of previous experiences of ancient treatments, today the prosthesis has evolved a lot. We work with the latest technology and hybrid materials that combine characteristics of resistance and aesthetics to give the best result and really achieve unbeatable results.

Many patients report that the “metal margin” of the covers is noted, based on the fact that a crown must adjust correctly to the dental preparation, over time the gum may undergo a slight retraction and the margin of the crown be exposed. Today this situation can be minimized by maintaining proper hygiene and wearing a night protector (splint of discharge) in case of dental pressure (see bruxism section).


Do crowns (covers) last a lifetime?

Normally the crowns usually last many years, but the base that supports the cover is still our tooth, and therefore the dental tissue if it does not maintain correct hygiene measures and filters dirt or bacteria the margin where adjusts rehabilitation can be seen committed in the long term and give rise to indications to change rehabilitation.

There may be other problems such as trauma, infections or periodontal diseases that may lead to the recommendation to renew the crown.

It is very important to perform cleaning maintenance and dental check-ups to minimize these complications.


Do you always have to “kill the nerve” when you put a cover?

Some patients have the false idea that when a cover is placed it is because the piece is devitalized or that it has to be devitalized (“killing the nerve” or endodontics) because the crown has to be put on.

The reality is that the crown is indicated to rehabilitate the shape, function or aesthetics of the tooth, and whenever possible you can preserve its vitality, so whenever possible you will try to keep the nerve intact.