Currently we have digital tools that together with you will help us to design the smile more in line with your facial frame. Together we will plan the most proportionate dental shape and size so that you are comfortable and satisfied.


Most patients have uncertainty and even “fear” to ignore the change they will experience in their mouths and often is what holds them back to make the decision to value it, it is completely understandable and that is why in Lazaro clinic we work following a rigorous protocol in the design and preparation of the smile.

These two steps in the planning of the rehabilitation give the security that the patient needs to face the treatment when knowing the final result and to the specialist all the information necessary to carry out the treatment successfully:


  • Virtual design with DSD ( Digital Smile Design): In this phase, the specialist creates together with the patient, virtually using photos and radiographs of the patient, the design of the desired smile, always in accordance with the masticatory functionality.


  • Mock-up: It’s the preparation of the future rehabilitation in the models of the patient to be able to show the patient and make sure that the patient will be satisfied and that it will be possible to achieve a good occlusion. With a special mold we can show the patient about their own intact pieces a very tight situation of how the final result will look.


It is very important to be able to plan the smile according to everything that surrounds our teeth such as our gums, lips and mucous membranes, but it is even more important to know that what we have planned can be done and shown before making it.