Dental pain

If you have pain, call us and your urgency will be our priority.

At Clínica Lázaro we work with a medical team that allows you to visit them uninterruptedly throughout the day so that we can adapt to the time that best suits you.


Pain and oral infection

Sometimes the pain and infection are associated leading to a significant discomfort.

These cases are for us priority emergencies that we must attend as soon as possible.

There are multiple causes that can explain these ailments; you have to take care of the patient quickly, otherwise the pain will increase and if there is an infection it will spread and aggravate.

We will make a differential diagnosis and immediate emergency treatment.



Caries is the most common oral disease in our population. It is convenient a fast action to preserve our pieces in the best possible state.

In Clínica Lázaro we bet for preventive and conservative treatments to keep your oral cavity healthy and healthy.


Dental fracture

After a dental fracture, whether of aesthetic commitment or not, we must first clean the piece to make sure that there is no decay or infection. Once the dental piece is cured, we will proceed to its reconstruction as soon as possible, being in cases of high aesthetic commitment (previous sector) a priority for us to be able to solve it on the same day that you contact us.


Pain due to “the wisdom tooth” eruption

A frequent case of dental emergency is pain caused by the eruption of the third molar, or chordal or more commonly known as the “wisdom tooth,” which occurs when the remaining 28 teeth and molars have already erupted.

Sometimes there is no space left for this third molar, in our upper or lower jaws, leaving the gum above the tooth, swelling and sometimes becoming infected. First you have to cure the infection and relieve the pain. Then we will evaluate if it is necessary to extract the tooth or not.


Difficulty chewing

After a tooth loss can have difficulties to chew, this is because in the long term the mouth is broken because the remaining teeth or teeth will tend to occupy the absent spaces leaning and leading to malpositions in the pieces that are in our mouth.

These absences can be replaced either with implants or with crowns (bridges) taking as supports the pieces present in the mouth.

In Lazaro clinic we will give you all the necessary facilities adapted to your case so that you can do the treatment you need. Check our promotions.


Veneers and ceramic crowns

It’s important to plan your case very well, be it a single tooth or the entire mouth.

We will advise you what is most convenient for your mouth, both aesthetically and functionally.

Nowadays, through virtual design technology we can plan your smile quickly and easily.

Clínica Lázaro has been one of the pioneers in the use of aesthetic hybrid materials using CAD/CAM technology (=design and computer manufacturing) that make it possible for a dental rehabilitation to be aesthetic and natural and at the same time functionally strong and stable throughout weather.


Dental wear by bruxism

Today, more than 80% of the population is bruxist to a greater or lesser extent.

Bruxism, colloquially called clenching or grinding of teeth, should be treated from different points of view; not only by the dental wear that is suffered and the greater incidence of dental fractures but to treat or to prevent disorders of the temporomandibular joint and to avoid pain and inflammation of the perioral and neck musculature.

For this, most times it is necessary to make a discharge splint with which we will also protect our oral rehabilitations.



Ask about our special promotion in mixed dental bleaching with which you can enjoy a whitening session in clinic and a complete whitening kit at home.

For this it is necessary that previously we visit and advise of their indications and contraindications individually.