Dental aesthetics

The dental aesthetics always has been a priority in Lázaro clinic, and to obtain the best result in our clinical, we work with a multidisciplinary shape, this means that the patient is valued by our team since all the departments.

A healthy mouth is a mouth visually beautiful.

In Lázaro clinic we have aesthetic specialists who will advise you on your best options to improve your smile.

Dental aesthetics begins with proper care and maintenance of the teeth and gums. Hygiene and dental check-ups will help maintain a healthy mouth and at the same time allow aesthetic treatments from a teeth whitening, a gingival aesthetic recontouring, the treatment by composites of small cavities and dental fractures to the recovery of a smile through veneers, ceramic crowns and implants. All are treatments that require the experience and training of a team such as the Lázaro clinic.


Veneers…¿What are they?

As the name suggests are some “thin faces” (veneers) laminated that adhere on the tooth surface with minimal prior preparation.

The material of these facets can be:

  • Composite: It is a resin formed by microparticles that will do that the restoration have a excellent resultant polishing a visual aspect that imitates to perfection to the natural tooth.

In Lázaro clinic have specialists in composite veneers made directly shape on the tooth by means of technical of stratification (adding fine layers on the tooth) with what like the patient will have the possibility of in an only session have the treatment finished without need to expect time of preparation in the laboratory.

  • Ceramic: Depending on the case to be treated, we will recommend ceramic veneers (made in the laboratory). In this case the veneer is made by a ceramic material to be chosen by the professional (feldspathic ceramics, lithium disilicate, etc.) in which it will be necessary to take some molds to be sent to the laboratory. In this case it is necessary to make at least one aesthetic test before placing the veneers, so that the waiting time for the end of the treatment will be 2 weeks, during which time the patient will be able to continue living normally without any dental discomfort.

When to make composite and when ceramic?

The specialized professional will recommend the best option in each case, usually we always have the possibility of making both types of veneers although in certain cases the ceramic veneers may be the best choice for greater durability.

Contact us to resolve your doubts and assess your case.