What are the dental implants?

What are the dental implants?

The implants are metallic elements that are surgically in the maxillary bones, just below the gums. Once placed, the dentist can place on them crowns or fixed bridges which will replace lost teeth.

Do work of dental implants?

The implant merges with the mandibular bone, for like this can provide a stable support for the new denture. The prostheses and the bridges placed on the implants remain fixed in the mouth, which thing is an especially important advantage for the mastication and the speech. This help to the fact that the prostheses and the bridges (as well as the placed individual crowns on the implants) feel more natural that the conventional.

For some people, the ordinary bridges or prostheses  result uncomfortable because they produce them irritations, have edges too narrow or cause unrest. Besides, the traditional bridges have to attach to the teeth of both sides of the empty space. An advantage of the implants is that it is not necessary to wear the adjacent teeth because they sustain to the teeth of replacement.

To receive implants, is necessary to have healthy gums and suitable bone that bear the implant. The patient besides has to assume the commitment to keep healthy these structures. The punctilious buccal hygiene and the regular dental visits are essential because the dental implants are successful on a long-term basis.

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