Digital smile design (DSD: Dental Smile Design)

The digital smile design DSD is a digital tool focused on the treatment plan in dental aesthetics.

Together with you we can visualize and create your smile before carrying out any treatment, thus improving the communication between clinic and patient.

Based on the analysis of dental and facial proportions through videos and photos we can find the perfect harmony between all the components of your mouth (teeth, gums and lips) to find among all of them the appropriate proportion for a beautiful individualized smile for each patient.


Most frequent reasons for consultation …

  • Tone of the teeth

If you would like to clarify the tone of your teeth in Clínica Lázaro, we can achieve it in a safe and healthy way. The effectiveness of whitening depends on the particular tone of each patient.

Therefore it is important to study each case to assess whether the patient’s whitening expectations coincide with what we can achieve.

  • Spaces between teeth

Diastemas or spaces between teeth is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in our aesthetics department.

Depending on the dimension of the space we can treat it with orthodontics by moving the set of teeth of the entire arch, or we can solve it with veneers, whether composite or ceramic.

In the case of small spaces only small reconstructions of aesthetic composite will be necessary.

  • Gingival smile

The fact that it is exposed more gum than usual when smiling is considered a factor that reduces the natural beauty of the smile.

The so-called “gingival smile” may be due to several factors, and there are different degrees of severity.

In Clínica Lázaro we will study your case and propose the best solution so that you have a satisfactory smile.

In most cases this is treatable with a microsurgery intervention removing a bit of gum and giving more prominence to the teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile that strengthens our safety when smiling and the patient’s entire satisfaction.