Conservative dentistry consists of performing non-aggressive treatments to keep teeth healthy.

There are several possibilities of treatments from the obturations or reconstructions until the incrustations or crowns can extend the life of the damaged or deteriorated teeth.


What we are trying…

From a caries to an alteration of shape and/or color either by trauma or by an anomaly in dental development.


We use…

At Lázaro clinic, we use last generation materials that are biocompatible with the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

We have special composites (resin) for aesthetic sector that present the special properties that the patient needs so that the restorations go unnoticed to the human eye, imitating the properties of natural teeth such as fluorescence, light reflection or transparency of certain areas of enamel.


Do you have doubts about how you will have a restoration?

Contact with us to resolve your doubts and will show you how easy and fast can resolve your case.

Our medical team will present you the treatment options and will indicate the best indication of restoration and material so that the treatment is satisfactory in terms of aesthetics and durability.