Councils for a healthy mouth

The mouth and the teeth exert a very important paper in our daily life.They have a big weight in the digestive device and besides allow us taste the foods and form words when speak, between many other functions.Besides, the smile is the facial expression than more attracts to the people, and in her the teeth play a primordial role.

For all this, is very important that loan the owed attention to the oral health because, in this way, protect us of an effective shape against future problems and facilitate any treatment that have to receive. For can boast of a healthy smile, it is necessary to purchase some correct habits of oral hygiene  since the infancy, through the brushed of usual shape, and completing the hygiene with the brushed of the language, as well as the daily use of dental floss.

Other councils of great advice to keep a good oral health are:

-To lengthen  life of our teeth and an attractive aesthetics is very important the correct position and good state of all the dental pieces.

The cavities it is necessary to treat them as soon as possible, since they are one one of the big enemies of our teeth. It is necessary to take into account that the tooth does not regenerate , thus it is necessary to avoid that the decay destroy it and leave us scars forever.

-Has to attend to a dental clinic if it has a wound in the buccal cavity that persists for more than 15 days. The prevention can help us to diagnose of early way illnesses of the mouth.

-It is necessary to attend to review to the dentist twice a year. We have to take into account that it can have any problem in our teeth although we have not felt any type of pain.

-It is important to take care the diet. Like this, has to limit the consumption of sugar and, conversely, take a lot calcium, vegetables and foods that improve the mastication, how is the case of the apples. Likewise, it is necessary to avoid hard foods that can damage our teeth (hard bread, candies, torrons…)

The diabetic people have to loan special attention to his mouth, since they are used to to have more problems in his denture and in the gums, especially when have high levels of glucose in the blood.

-If we want to avoid that the enamel of our teeth yellow,  it is necessary to avoid the consumption of tobacco, wine, coffee, chocolate or vitamin complex.

-It is necessary to consult always with the specialist in case that there has been a dental traumatism, although visibly there are not signals of injury.

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