History of dental clinic Lázaro


With 40 years of history, Clinical Lázaro conform a team of professionals devoted to the dental health.

How in all the sectors , in these last 4 decades , the technical in  Odontology  have evolved a lot, feel  ours clinic one of the pioneering in the introduction of the  scanning technologies and virtual design (Technology CAD/CAM)to our country.

Nevertheless,  during all this time of technological revolution  what follows intact is our philosophy as a medical and as a odontologists it is based on human treatment and personalized with the patient is  priority and fundamental because the patient feel in some next and familiar surroundings.

The satisfaction of our patients in his treatments realised and our disposal to solve his problems with the minimum expects possible, promoting the most conservative Odontology, applying the new technologies, they endorse us.

We are above all a medical team with vocation of service to the patient led by the Dr. Ricardo Lázaro Valero, medical stomatologist with more than 40 years of experience, being his maximum to attend to the patient how deserve in all his oral problems but without forgetting that we are people, and as a such all are different, there fore we have to individualize the treatment for each patient.

No all  the patients have the same needs but of what yes will have all  is of our eases for can realise the most indicated treatment and of all our collaboration to adapt us to you.