What are the brackets aesthetic?

Every time they are more the patient adults that subject to treatments of aesthetic orthodontics, therefore they have developed different type of materials with which do the brackets and can contribute a high aesthetic level during the treatment.

The aesthetic brackets, are some fixed devices that are cemented in the teeth with the purpose to correct bites, range the teeth and improve the dental aesthetics, made with materials that do them practically imperceptible.

Advantages of the aesthetic brackets.

  • Treatment of orthodontics the same that the conventional but with big level of aesthetic.
  • Improvement of the self-esteem of the patient, since no only recovers the dental aesthetics, but that it does it of discreet shape.
  • Allow a perfect correction of the bite, which thing avoids dental wears and problems with the articulation temporomandibrary.
  • Time of equal treatment to the of treatments with conventional brackets.
  • Can use in adults and in teenagers.
  • They diminish the allergic action to the metal.

Types of aesthetic brackets

  • Polysulfone brackets: it treats of a new composition of plastic by dint of polysulfone, with some physical properties that translate in the reduction of the friction slot-arch contributing a big technical level to the mechanical of the treatment of orthodontics. As a main advantage, has des can use in cases of large overdrive, since it prevents the abrasions produced by the rubbing between tooth-bracket. In spite of being of white colour are porous and with a high opacity in addition to being more fragile. In the brackets aesthetic are those that more appreciate and dye with the foods.
  • Ceramic brackets: they Are done of ceramic materials of the colour of the tooth, highly resistant. They can have the slot reinforced with a metallic band (that remains cover in position the bow), his resistance is greater that the bracket of plastic.
  • Zirconium brackets: With the incorporation of the zirconium in the dental prosthesis, have developed  brackets that contribute the aesthetic of the china and the own resistance of the zirconium. They mimic lot with the tooth.
  • Sapphire brackets: It is the last technology in materials for brackets. The sapphire is a semiprecious stone. They are transparent how the crystal and do not dye neither lose his transparency along the treatment of orthodontics. In being transparent purchase the tonality of the tooth on which it is cimented. It is the type of aesthetic brackets more sued for the adults.

Difference between aesthetic and metallic brackets.

The treatment is identical and the functions that fulfil are equal. The election of the type of treatment goes to depend of the wish to bring forward a treatment of orthodontics “except visible” since the outside. And it is necessary to take into account that the cost varies. In general, the metallic brackets are more economic that the aesthetic.

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